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As the East Bay Advanced Manufacturing Partnership looks for ways to respond to the needs of manufacturers, we are teaming up with the National Association of Manufacturers through their Ambassadors programs and the Dream it. Do it. network.

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1. Early Career: The EBAMP is working with the Manufacturing Institute to raise the visibility of manufacturing careers with young people, through classroom visits and tours led by early career manufacturers themselves.

2. Returning Veterans:  The Manufacturing Institute has a newly minted Ambassador initiative for more effective outreach to East Bay veterans. 

3. Formerly Incarcerated: Having recently connected with the award-winning Center for Employment Opportunities, the EBAMP is looking for manufacturers input as this relationship takes shape.

Early Career Manufacturing Ambassador Program

Early career ambassadors are young, well-spoken employees who play a front-facing role to their community to represent the manufacturing industry. They bring forward a message of inspiration, passion, and drive to potential talent sources who are starting or changing their career. This initiative is focused on developing the workforce of the future.

In collaboration with educators and manufacturers from across the region, our first Ambassadors are getting ready to help raise the visibility of manufacturing careers to youth, teachers, counselors, and parents. A special thanks goes out to our first participating manufacturers and the leadership they have shown through the participation of their management staff and early career employees: Dow Pittsburg, Shell Martinez Refinery, Finelite, AB&I Foundry, Kohana Coffee, and Scandic Spring.

Veteran Manufacturing Ambassadors

It has long been recognized that veterans typically bring with them many of the nontechnical essential skills which employers need: problem solving capabilities, respect for process and procedure, personal discipline, and leadership. Oftentimes veterans have transferrable technical knowledge as well. The Partnership continues its work to interact with veterans groups and work with manufacturers to offer the message of available career paths.

The Veteran Ambassador is a concept from the Manufacturing Institute, which boosts the visibility of manufacturers and manufacturing careers to those who have served. We're looking to our manufacturers for input as we move forward with community based organizations in the region.

Center for Employment Opportunity (CEO)

The Partnership is committed to leveraging best practices and best-in-class services & organizations, on behalf of the region's manufacturers. Winner of the Google Bay Area Impact Challenge Award, CEO is a leading national organization, providing successful, comprehensive employment services to men and women returning home from incarceration.

This short series of videos introduces CEO and the successes they have had in measurably reducing recidivism and employing those who are highly motivated to succeed. 

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